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3 Reasons to Incorporate Home-Based Healthcare Technologies

Over the last few years, more home healthcare technologies have been introduced and used than ever before. The 2020 pandemic brought about several home-based innovations that we still use today. More efficient, yet thorough, healthcare practices are simply one of the many reasons healthcare systems would be wise to incorporate valuable, home-based technologies into individual care plans. Direct Care Innovations would like to share three more reasons health technology advancements are beneficial for both patients and physicians.

3 Reasons to Incorporate Home-Based Healthcare Technologies

1. Fewer Individuals See Their Primary Doctor

When it comes to making or keeping appointments, fewer individuals visit their primary care physician on a regular basis — and insurance is not necessarily the deciding factor. Many times, a doctor’s visit is simply too inconvenient or they don’t see the value in going to the doctor, especially if they don’t think anything is wrong. 

At-home healthcare technologies allow physicians to oversee their patient’s care, and patients can also screen for specific symptoms or health risk factors. When their mobile phone weight loss app shows an increase in weight gain even though they are following a strict weight loss protocol, this metric may prompt those individuals to make an appointment with their doctor and keep it.

2. More Individuals Struggle with Chronic Conditions

Many individuals either struggle to manage their chronic health conditions or have medical disorders that have yet to be detected. This can lead to serious risks that may further complicate their already unmanaged conditions. Home-based technologies, such as smartwatches that measure particular health metrics or glucometers that process blood samples and record blood glucose readings, can assist individuals in better monitoring their chronic conditions and informing physicians of any important changes to their patient’s risk factors.

3. Physicians Can Focus on Preventative Care

One of the solutions to chronic health conditions and increased risk factors that go unchecked is preventative care. A hybrid approach to healthcare that includes at-home screening technologies can assist physicians in educating their patients to know which symptoms should prompt a call to their doctor. Smartwatches that measure blood pressure and heart rate and Bluetooth-enabled fitness trackers can collect health care data and raise an individual’s awareness of their physical or mental health status.

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