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3 Ways Self-Employment Helps Those Living with Disabilities Succeed

Do you have a family member or friend with a physical, mental, or intellectual developmental disability (IDD) who is interested in starting a business? If so, they are not alone. For adults who are transitioning from high school or college into the workforce, it can be daunting to know where to begin. While progress is being made, there are still barriers that can make it difficult for those living with disabilities to earn a living for themselves. Self-employment can be a worthwhile alternative to a traditional job. At Direct Care Innovations, we believe that entrepreneurship can be a profitable path for anyone, including individuals living with disabilities, and we’ve outlined three specific examples in this post.

3 Ways that Self-Employment Helps Those With Disabilities Succeed

1. Promote Independence

Many individuals living with disabilities are looking for more independence. One way to promote this is through self-employment. By running their own business, many people can often earn a living while also experiencing the freedom and flexibility of being their own boss. Other similar benefits include making their own schedule, hiring staff they enjoy working with, and developing systems and routines that work best for them and their lifestyle.

2. Support Abilities & Interests

When a person is self-employed, they can use their natural abilities to work with something about which they are passionate. For example, many bakery owners enjoy creating delicious sweets for others. Other skills may come into play as well such as attention to detail, customer service, and creativity. When people who live with physical, emotional, or intellectual disabilities are able to use their skills and passions to support themselves, they experience personal fulfillment and unwavering satisfaction.

3. Provide Much-Needed Resources

It can be challenging for many, not only individuals living with disabilities, to figure out how to get started running their own business. We recommend contacting your local or state vocational rehabilitation center. These programs are specifically designed to help those with disabilities discover their job interests, become trained in specific areas, gain meaningful employment, and learn how to run their own business.

We Want You to Succeed

DCI supports both individuals living with disabilities and those who care for them with our healthcare technology platforms. We provide a seamless way for your staff to track training and compliance, manage and oversee schedules, and pay vendors and reimburse employees, along with several other essential healthcare management tasks. Learn more about our effective healthcare management software when you call us at (480) 295-3307 and request a demo today.

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