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Comprehensive Medical Billing Solutions Phoenix

From the size of your office to the form of medical services you provide, your company is different from the next, which means you need a medical billing solution capable of handling your unique needs. Direct Care Innovations (DCI) specializes in a comprehensive and customized billing platform, designed to help you not only stay on top of billing information, but ensure your clients and patients receive the most accurate information as well.

The Fully Integrated DCI Billing Features

Staying on top of your office’s billing statements and incoming payments is vital. It reduces problems you may have with documentation later while ensuring everyone, from your patients to insurance companies, are always on the same page. Some of the fully integrated DCI billing features you’ll find include:
  • Quality control to ensure correct billing
  • Hourly, daily, monthly and annual limit initiation
  • Set authorized units for maximized billing
  • Billing only occurs upon staff approval
  • Client verification options
Implemented safeguard features for your company protect not only your own office but your clients from over billing as well. If it’s time to upgrade your billing platform, consider DCI’s software solutions.

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