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DCI Software, EVV Compliance, and a Better ROI for Your Agency

As we enter the second half of 2019, we wanted to share a few of our top articles that help demonstrate how DCI Software streamlines your care agency and its services. Easily see how DCI can make your agency EVV compliant without making it a one-size fits all approach.

Learn how our software benefits your daily operations while also setting up your agency for long-term success and structure. And finally, we end this month’s roundup with a case study of one of our clients that covers the areas of their agency that benefited from switching to DCI software. 

EVV Best Practices from DCI Software

EVV best practices require agencies to put a digital system in place to verify that billed services are being rendered. Under the new law, care workers will have different options to check-in and out that will be electronically logged for each care visit. Learn more about how the DCI platform approaches EVV compliance and provides multiple options for verification to fit each unique care situation that may arise.

Will Switching to Digital Save My Provider Agency Time (and Money)?

Aside from EVV, there are daily and long-term operations that benefit directly from using DCI. We created our platform when we were in the care industry ourselves and couldn’t find an option that would act as an asset to our production. Through improved time management, more efficient record keeping, and assistance in any auditing procedures, DCI Software has a robust set of tools ready to help your agency.

Learn How Shared Support Benefited from Switching to DCI Software

Agencies like Shared Support have already benefited from using DCI as their software provider. The EVV features allowed Shared Support to remain compliant with state legislature and transition into a paperless agency. Although EVV was a key part of Shared Support choosing DCI, the agency also found benefits for its back office. The system makes tracking missing time easy and confirms the accuracy of payroll amounts. With electronic and accurate billing and scheduling processes in place, Shared Support is able to better identify the needs of both clients and care workers.

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