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DCI Software for Home & Community-Based Services

No two solutions for Home and Community-Based Services are exactly the same. This can make finding a digital payroll, scheduling or training solution extremely challenging. Just because one system works for someone else’s agency does not mean it will work for yours. But do customizable systems exist?

They do! Read on to find out some ways DCI Software has been customized in the past, so you can get a better sense of how it may work for your organization.

A Mobile App for Consumer-Directed Services

Problem: You want to adopt an electronic timekeeping solution to reduce paper, administrative overhead, and to come into compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act. However, you allow your participants to choose where their services start and end, so you need anEVV solution that does not require participants to clock in/out from a landline or desktop computer.

Solution: DCI’s mobile app. It allows participants to clock in and clock out for hourly services from any location. It does this by taking a secure snapshot of the participant’s time and location data and storing it in a secure database which is only accessible in the event of an audit. This EVV solution is perfect for consumer-directed services

EVV Without Internet Access

Problem: Your agency serves clients in rural areas without Internet access. You need to comply with the 21st Century Cures Act without creating too much of a burden for your participants and employees who are not used to using technology.

Solution 1: DCI’s Telephone EVV option. This option allows the caregiver to use a mobile or landline phone to clock in and clock out. There are a few ways to ensure compliance with this model. First, a caregiver may call a specific phone number from the landline phone in their client’s home. Or, a caregiver may use their own mobile phone to call a number that is provided to them by their client. In this case, the phone number changes frequently to ensure that the caregiver is with the client when the phone call is made.

Solution 2: DCI’s FOB EVV option. In cases where using phones would be too complicated, DCI can give a specific FOB to each client which they will then carry with them at all times. At the start and end of the shift, the caregiver presses a button on the FOB, which produces a unique 6-digit code. Later, when the caregiver has access to the Internet, he/she enters the time in via the DCI Web Portal, including the 6-digit codes from the FOB. DCI uses the code to confirm the hours logged by the caregiver are consistent with the timecodes from the client’s FOB.

Solutions for a Large Portfolio of Services

Problem: You are a large multi-state service provider whose portfolio of services has become too large to track manually. As a result, your employees have been delayed in getting the “all clear,” were working when they shouldn’t, or were providing a service they weren’t cleared to provide. You need a solution that can be configured to automize what you are already doing now, and in turn, allow you and your team to reallocate the time that used to be spent tracking requirements on multiple spreadsheets.

Solution: The integration between the DCI Training Module and the DCI Time and Attendance Module. Once this is set up, all requirements are easily tracked and managed within DCI. Requirements templates are created for each state and each service. An employee who doesn’t meet a requirement isn’t able to log their time. Automated notifications alert the employee and their supervisor when a requirement is coming due. Many training related requirements (such as the annual confidentiality training) are completed directly within DCI using DCI’s Learning Management System.

As you can see, there are many ways to customize DCI Software to fit the unique needs of your organization. This is because the people who created DCI used to directly support individuals with disabilities, just like you! They know exactly how difficult it can be to navigate the issues in your field, so, as an added bonus, DCI will also provide you with an Implementation Specialist, who will be at your side to make your transition as seamless as possible.

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