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DCI Software for Non – Facility Group Services

Facility members are not the only individuals in need of software assistance within your
facility. Non-facility group services are important to cover, so having the appropriate
programming at your finger tips can help improve scheduling without turning into either
a financial or resource drain on your organization. With the help of DCI software from
Direct Care Innovations, there are varying non-facility group services available. While it
depends on how you’d like to implement the software, you will find solutions built directly
into the evolving and customizable DCI programming.

Hourly Services

A number of hourly services likely fall under the non-facility group services offered by
your organization. Whether it includes community based services, supported living or
home care assistance, when out of the facility or when working with individuals who are
not direct employees (but possibly hired contractors), you need a software de
signed to handle these varying elements of the organization. DCI Software is made just for this

Group Services

A number of non-facility based group services will also fall under this specific category.
It might include Group Supported Employment or even Group Therapy, where there are
several different clients being served by one employee. When you have one worker
seeing several different clients or residents at the same time you need to be able to
monitor hours spent in these environments.
Direct Care Innovations provides your facility with a host of benefits once the DCI
Software is implemented. This includes assistance with your non-facility group services.
No two facilities are the same, so you need a program that can fully integrate into your
current configuration that also evolves with technology both in use and potentially used
later down the road. If you’re ready to boost time management and fine tune the
resources you allocate, now is the time to request a demo of DCI Software and discover
exactly what it can do for you.

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