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DCI was Proud to Sponsor the Works of Heart Award at the ORA NW Conference

This October, we were honored to take part in the Oregon Resource Association (ORA) NW Conference on Disability Services. As a co-sponsor of the event, we helped bring together professionals in the field to learn about industry trends, technological advancements and test out new product innovations.

We partnered with ORA for their regional conference on disability services because of shared goals. For over 50 years, ORA has proudly represented care and service workers within the state of Oregon. ORA advocates for individuals with disabilities work closely with state policymakers to change laws for the better. For service providers, ORA consistently offers professional development opportunities like the NW Conference on Disability Services. Year-round, ORA has training opportunities and educational seminars for members. Consulting services and network events are additional career advancement resources provided to ORA members.

Jade with RISE Services Inc is a recipient of the Works of Heart Award at the ORA conference.

As a co-sponsor of the NW Conference on Disability Services, we helped bring together national and regional experts in the industry. Over the course of three days, educational seminars and demonstrations were made available to conference attendees. Event highlights included a trivia night, celebration dinner and the special Works of Hearts Awards.

At the event, we were also the sole sponsor of the Works of Hearts Awards. The Works of Hearts Awards were created to honor care providers who have made a positive impact on those with disabilities. Winners are chosen by the amount of nominations they receive from their direct care clients. These individuals were celebrated throughout the NW Conference on Disability Services for their contributions to the disability population living in Oregon. We could not have been more proud to be a part of recognizing these individuals who are consistently providing exceptional care.

As a healthcare technology company that assists agencies with creating more efficient platforms to better manage their businesses, we find it important to stay up-to-date with our industry to provide innovative solutions. By helping a business run more smoothly, agencies can concentrate less on the business side and more on client care.

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