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Emerging Opportunities In Home-Based Healthcare

Home-based healthcare is an alternative that has increased in popularity since the pandemic has set in. Many people would rather receive care from home rather than risk a visit to a health clinic. In this area of the industry, there are plenty of opportunities for healthcare organizations to seize. Health providers are looking for ways to expand and improve in-home care, it’s just a matter of finding and implementing the right service delivery model. Learn more about the growing popularity in the telehealth market and Direct Care Innovation’s solution.

The Growing Popularity in Telehealth Service

Face-to-face service used to be a dominant delivery method for home-based healthcare, but the pandemic has made that more difficult. This service model has made a rebound in recent months, however. Telehealth services, the delivery of health care through electronic information, has taken off as a method of delivery. Many healthcare professionals are hopeful that telehealth deliveries will divert visits to emergency departments. For the most part, consumers have adapted well to the shift to telehealth services, with virtual visits rising to 57%.

There has been an increase in services for behavioral analysis, particularly for children and people with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The issue of overbilling has become a concern for consumers, which is why platforms with an episodic payment model are expected to do well in the near future.

Business Management Platforms are the Answer

Direct Care Innovations’ (DCI) business management platform & modules are able to solve an issue like this, by allowing for more hybrid service models where consumers can pay periodically. Hybrid models are also expected to take off, as consumers will want to pay for virtual care as well as face-to-face home services.

Customizable Software

Through the use of DCI’s software, healthcare providers can customize their own home-based service programs, by designing them with their consumer base in mind. They can also opt to create partnerships with existing organizations, which is ideal for healthcare providers that don’t have enough clinical resources on their own. With either option, the provider will be more prepared to manage episodic payments.

Easy Digital Connectivity

Research shows that consumers want to remain with their own physician rather than connect with an unknown physician during a telehealth meeting. Healthcare organizations can address this concern by using the primary care model, maintaining the relationship between the consumer and the physician. This model works well with behavioral health organizations, as consumers wish to have a close relationship with the professional who is delivering the care an individual requires.

Hybrid Services Mean Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid models are becoming increasingly popular among service providers. But in order to add a home-based service delivery to a hybrid model, providers will need solutions like workforce management, electronic visit verification, telehealth, mobile usage, and other technologies to enhance functionality. Direct Care Innovations’ software and modules can handle all of these features.

Implementing DCI’s Software in Your Healthcare Organization

Regardless of what kind of delivery model that a health provider chooses, the provider will need an efficient platform for business management; that’s where Direct Care Innovations steps in. Our software is a one-stop-shop for healthcare providers and government agencies. DCI’s technology provides a streamlined platform for payroll, billing, scheduling, training, authorization management, and electronic visit verification. This software works well with agencies that offer home-based health care.

Interested in learning more about us and our services? Feel free to request a sales demo from Direct Care Innovations at (480) 295-3307. Our healthcare technology will provide a state-of-the-art system that will allow your business to run smoothly.

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