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How Going Paperless Saves Money

Switching your company processes over to paperless, digital documentation has many benefits for both your company and your clients. Automating processes such as your invoicing system can save your company aggravation, time and money. Benefits of Invoice Automation How often have you been told by a client that they never received a paper invoice? This delays payments and causes you to stop what you’re doing to print another copy of the invoice and send it to the customer. This wastes time, and it results in paying for yet another mailing of the invoice. Meanwhile, your payment is delayed. By automating the invoice process, accounts payable can run more smoothly with clients no longer claiming they never received or that they lost their paper invoice. The automated process will create electronic statements, provide you with arrival receipts after the invoice has been emailed and can handle sending your clients a reminder that payment is due. Paperless Takes Up Less Space Keeping paper documents takes up a lot of space with filing cabinets and/or storing in boxes. This also isn’t a very secure way to keep your documents, especially when taking HIPAA into consideration. You are basically paying for space in your office that could be put to better use just to store documents. An automated system will allow you more security and access to reports without have to go searching through paper files. The risk of lost, misplaced or destroyed paper documents is eliminated. Going paperless allows for additional benefits, including electronic collaboration and remote access for workers offsite. Software Can Spot Compliance Issues With constantly changing regulations, insurance policies, and costs, it’s no surprise even the most seasoned billing specialist might make a mistake. Automated billing software will flag potential issues, making sure you bill right the first time and avoid liability issues. Learn more about how Direct Care Innovations, LLC can help automate your company’s business processes to save you money.

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