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Is Your Organization Ready to Make the Switch to EVV?

The electronic visit verification (EVV) deadline is approaching rapidly. Many agencies feel unprepared to get their organizations ready for the new federal EVV regulations. At Direct Care Innovations (DCI), we aim to assist you with bringing your company’s platform up to date. We use a customized approach with all of our clients, and during our initial meetings, we determine the best way to accommodate all of your organization’s software needs.

Assessing EVV Readiness

The 21st Century Cures Acts was signed into law in 2016 and was created to ensure accountability among caregivers. EVV systems track caregivers to confirm that they are providing billed services during the set timeframe and location. All care agencies are required to be compliant with EVV by January 1, 2020 unless your state has received an extension. If your organization wants to receive reimbursements from Medicaid, you need to have an EVV software system in place. If you live in a state that follows an open model, you have the option to choose what EVV platform your organization will implement.  

Working With DCI

Once you decide to use DCI to get your organization compliant with EVV regulations, we explore your organization’s current software programs and discuss solutions for compliance issues. We understand how valuable your time is and we will pose several questions to get the process started quickly and efficiently. Our questions for your organization include:

  • What don’t you like about your current situation?
  • What would you like to do differently regarding EVV compliance?
  • What would you like to alter or improve with what you are doing today?
  • What would an ideal solution look like?

The answers to these questions provide us with insights into your organization’s most pressing needs. Not being compliant with EVV will negatively impact your organization’s bottom line. Our platform uses a double verification process that tracks the time and location of the direct care worker. The system uses real-time tracking and is accessible via the web and mobile devices.

Direct Care Innovations provides all-in-one software solutions to home care agencies. Our products allow for agencies to stay 100 percent compliant and streamlines billing and payroll processes. Contact us today to schedule a live demo and see how the features will get you prepared for the EVV deadline.

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