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John McFall: The First Astronaut with a Disability

There isn’t much that an individual living with a disability can’t do, especially now that the first paralympic sprinter will be joining the European Space Agency (ESA) as the world’s first astronaut with a disability. John McFall, who is currently working as a doctor, was accepted as one of the 17 candidates, out of 22,500 applicants, to be a part of ESA’s 2022 graduating class of astronauts. Direct Care Innovations invites you to take a look at this extraordinary accomplishment and the man behind it, John McFall.

John McFall: The First Astronaut with a Disability

About McFall

At the age of 19, McFall lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing a career as a Trauma and Orthopedic Specialist Registrar. In 2008, he represented the U.K. and won the bronze medal at the Beijing Paralympic Games. When asked about this remarkable opportunity provided by the ESA, McFall replied, “As an amputee, I never thought that being an astronaut was a possibility.”

Parastronauts in Space

Parastronaut is the term that European space officials are using for individuals who have a physical disability but are psychologically, cognitively, technically, and professionally qualified to be an astronaut. In fact, the ESA actively encouraged individuals living with disabilities to apply for this program. In addition to attending one year of basic training in space technology followed by Space Station training, McFall will be closely involved with ESA’s “Parastronaut Feasibility Project.” This program was developed to help create options that will allow astronauts with disabilities to pursue future spaceflight missions. 

A Learning Opportunity

The ESA is eager to discover what it would take to send a person living with a disability to space, and thanks to McFall, they now have that chance. Join us as we congratulate John McFall for this amazing accomplishment and recognize ESA’s willingness and dedication to providing extraordinary opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

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