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Qualities of Good Direct Care Workers for People with Disabilities

Whether you’re a direct care agency hiring professional, or an individual hiring a worker to provide care for yourself or a family member, you want to make sure you are hiring someone who is suited for such an important position. Caring for someone with physical, mental or developmental limitations is an important job that not everyone is suited for. Those who hire a direct care worker have to be able to trust that the worker will provide the services that are needed and treat the patient with care and respect. When hiring a direct care worker, you should look for the following qualities: Have a Caring Nature Taking care of an elderly or disabled patient requires a caring nature. This helps make the patient feel happy and secure. Wanting to be independent can make the patient feel like they are a burden, but caring words or actions can reassure them that they aren’t. Caring people recognize and respect the need for independence. Being Responsible and Conscientious Care workers need to be responsible because their patients and their families depend on them. The worker needs to make sure that medications are given according to schedule, keep appointments, and prevent injuries around the house. Being conscientious about arriving on time for shifts is crucial because other workers and families depend on the worker to be there. Having the Ability to Be Flexible Different patients have different needs, so flexibility is needed instead of a one-size fits all care approach. Even with the best planning, things can go awry. A good direct care worker has the ability to be flexible and adapt to changes without missing a beat. Remember, when hiring direct care workers, DCI software is suitable both for agencies and for people with disabilities or their family members who employ caregivers directly.

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