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Sustainable Agencies on Limited Funds

Government funding fluctuates, to say the least. That doesn’t mean the way your run your business has to radically change with every new CMS mandate. Caregiving agencies supported by Medicaid and Medicare can operate independently by utilizing software programs. Here are some examples.

Authorization Management

Invest in an authorization software with real-time management. Employing this type of software will allow your staff to track declining balances and create, edit, and deactivate authorizations. There’s nothing quite like the peace of mind when you know you have nothing to fear from audits.

Training and Compliance

Modules can ensure your caregivers are training compliant. They can also monitor renewal and expiration dates for training certifications. A simple notification system keeps everyone up to date.

Mobile Access

One of the best ways your caregiving agency can stay compliant and independent is through mobile applictions. Invest in time attendance software that will keep track of travel and service time. Electronic visit verification modules can also assist with payroll and billing while fulfilling the EVV mandate.

Scheduling and Payroll

With scheduling software, your agency will never unintentionally work a caregiver overtime again. Scheduling software can help your clients get the maximum amount of services without exceeding their authorization. In addition, payroll software can organize pay for different types of services, such as residential settings, day treatment programs, group services, hourly services, and parenting programs. 


When factors such as authorization and services change, billing software can make collecting payment a breeze. Billing modules can protect your agency by making sure the correct clients are billed for the correct service. When integrated with other software, your agency will operate like clockwork. Consider, for example, Billing software that incorporates authorization modules, so that no client is billed for a service exceeding their authorization limit. Consolidate the software mentioned above and run your caregiving agency without feeling overwhelmed every time a policy change is issued. Contact Direct Care Innovations for more information on custom, care-tailored software.

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