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Training for EVV Compliance

Training for compliance with the new EVV (electronic visit verification) regulations doesn’t have to be a headache for your organization. Direct Care Innovations (DCI) aims to assist companies with making a seamless transition to compliant software solutions. Our training options are two-fold: We ensure direct care workers remain 100 percent compliant with their trainings and will train staff extensively on using the DCI software programs.

Organizational Training

DCI trains all organizational members to help ease the transition into using a compliant EVV software system. Our staff are experts at assessing the needs of a home and community healthcare organization and putting in place a multi-step plan of action to get all employees on board with the new software. 

Our team members will walk you through every aspect of training of the DCI software — from demo mode to live launch. Each client is assigned an account manager that helps collect data and import all the information into the new system. Training doesn’t happen overnight, and we don’t rush the process. We are on call through the soft to full launch of the new system. Our customer service team is always available post-launch to address any questions or concerns.

Direct Care Worker Compliance

Non-compliance can interrupt an organization’s revenue stream. Avoid compliance issues by using DCI as an invaluable resource. The DCI Training Modules guarantee 100 percent compliance with an alert system in place to notify agencies of any upcoming deficiencies. The system is highly customizable with agencies able to create different training profiles dependent on each personnel’s role within the company. 

The DCI Training Module can be fully integrated with the Scheduling Module to allow for managers to select trained and certified care workers for job openings. The time tracking feature bars non-compliant employees from entering billable hours into the system. A key highlight of the system is that it has been designed to integrate with external and cloud-based training resources. This helps direct care workers easily locate the trainings they need to stay compliant.

The DCI platform allows home agencies to rely on one system to run their entire business. Scheduling, electronic visit verification, billing, training, payroll, and more are all accessible on a single platform. Contact us today to schedule a live demo of our innovative products.

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