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Upcoming Broadway Play Shares Experiences with Disabilities

Individuals living with disabilities and their caregivers will be the focus of a new Broadway play by Pulitzer Prize-winner, Martyna Majok this fall. “Cost of Living” will make its debut at the Samuel J. Friedman Theater in midtown Manhattan. At Direct Care Innovations, we’re excited to see that the life experiences of those living with disabilities will be featured in front of thousands of people, and ultimately spread awareness of physical and developmental disabilities.

Upcoming Broadway Play Shares Experiences with Disabilities

The Story

“Cost of Living” narrows in on the life of two very different pairs of people. John is a wealthy, yet arrogant graduate student with cerebral palsy who hires Jessi, his new caregiver. Eddie, a truck driver, is attempting to care for his estranged wife, Ani, after a car accident left her paralyzed. The story features these two mismatched duos and dives into the honest struggles that surround living with and caring for people with disabilities.

The Struggles

While this play emphasizes the daily hardships that inevitably materialize when living with a disability, it also focuses on many other struggles that come about for both the individual and their caregiver. For both those with disabilities and their family or friends, relationships can be more difficult to maintain and personal and professional goals can become a burden. Conversely, “Cost of Living” also delves into the basic needs of all humanity — the fact that we all deeply need one another.

The History

In 2018, “Cost of Living” won a Pulitzer Prize for drama and was presented at the Manhattan Theater Club’s space off-Broadway. It has been described by the Pulitzer Prize committee as “an honest, original work that invites audiences to examine diverse perceptions of privilege and human connection . . . .”

Serving Those with Disabilities & Their Caregivers

If you find yourself in New York City this fall, we encourage you to see “Cost of Living” on Broadway. Direct Care Innovations supports those living with disabilities and the agencies that care for them with our healthcare management platform. We have modules that can assist in various areas such as employee time and attendance, electronic visit verification, vendor payment, care management, and client ratings. Request a sales demo today when you call us at (480) 295-3307.

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