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What Can Your Agency Automate?

Having an agency on the smaller side doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate the same automation techniques the big dogs use. Here are some tips to help your caregiving agency run more smoothly.   

Your Staff and Caregivers  

Electronic Visit Verification and Time Attendance   

Agency staff need to be aware of which remote location the caregiver is driving to, travel time, and how long they provided services. Using an automated module to verify these elements eliminates any guess work and faulty payroll recording. 


Agencies can take steps beyond just informing employees when their next paycheck is coming. They can automatically alert employees when paychecks are sent out and use software to allow them to see their overtime hours, sick time, and vacation hours. 


Scheduling can be a nightmare, especially with part-time employees and shifts beyond the realm of 9-5. Save yourself the hassle and consider scheduling software that incorporates employees’ availability, how many hours they desire, and shift-switching ability.  

Memos and Training

After an agency makes the decision to change a policy, or after implementing policy changes from above, they need to properly inform their workers and clients. Automated memos that clearly explain policy changes save confusion and errors created by word of mouth. Make it a protocol to have staff members and caregivers sign off on new policies, as well. If a caregiver requires training on new practices before seeing clients, your software can alert you.

Your Clients  

Newsletter and Email Correspondence  

Agencies can decrease client complaints by using automated and timely newsletters. Directly informing clients about changes within the agency creates good relationships and avoids unmet expectations.  

Complaints and Reviews  

Provide an automated system that allows agency employees, caregivers, and clients to write complaints and reviews. Require agency staff to politely ask clients to take a survey after their visit. Make sure caregivers fill out a review of their client experience. 


If your staff individually bills clients, they’re adding adding unnecessary work to their load. Automated billing saves time and reduces errors. In addition to our billing software, DCI also offers billing as a service. Your agency can benefit from automated software, too. Call (480) 295-3307 to request a sales demo.   

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