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How to Reduce Caregiver Turnover

Caregiver turnover plagues agencies, leading to staff shortages and declined quality of care. When you’re running on a limited budget and big-box retailers can offer more appealing benefits than you can, you feel the pain of high turnover rates. DCI software is designed with your caregivers in mind. By saving operational costs, you can invest more in your people.


Bad scheduling can lead to frequent shift-switching or even missed shifts. Every caregiver has their own work-life balance to maintain, and being able to respect their desired schedule is a huge perk. Agencies should seriously consider a scheduling software, especially if they’re running a business with 24/7 work hours.  


There’s a difference between a bad employee and a misinformed employee. Are all your staff members and caregivers on the same page when it comes to policy? A well-designed employee portal can keep workers engaged, even when they rarely spend time in the office.


Proactive training eliminates much of the need for disciplinary action, and it protects your agency from penalties due to noncompliance. Gamification makes the learning process enjoyable, even when the learning material is very dry.

Quality of Care

Getting feedback from clients and caregivers alike shouldn’t be like pulling teeth. A five-star review system allows caregivers and staff members to see a job well done, and motivates them to deliver continued quality of care.  

Onboarding and Expectations  

You never want your employee to say, “I didn’t sign up for this.” Make sure your employee not only knows what their job will entail, but how your specific agency runs.  

Career Growth and Promotions  

Agencies can expect to see less turnover if employees are encouraged to advance in their careers — either as caregivers, or as care-related professionals. Make them hesitant to quit in fear of missing out on future possibilities. 


If anyone deserves a vacation, it’s a caregiver. Your agency should do all it can to provide caregivers benefits, especially if staff members are offered benefits.   Need ideas on how to retain caregivers on limited revenue? Schedule a demo with DCI.

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