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Our Software

At Direct Care Innovations (DCI) we specialize in business management solutions for providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance, and Managed Care Markets. Our all-inclusive software system seamlessly integrates from module to module, creating a program that allows clients to configure details to their company and its needs. For more information, contact one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

Overview of Core Modules

Our business management software gives users oversight over every aspect of their organization, including authorization management, billing, payroll, scheduling, training, and much more. Our clients often purchase DCI for one component and then expand it to other areas of their business once they realize the results. We offer 24/7 support and can have you live in under 90 days.

Real-time data management and reconciliation system for Medicaid, Medicare, and other service code-based insurance authorizations, real time declining balances for any/all authorizations across all hourly and site-based environments.

Online Training and Compliance that creates 100% compliance, features proactive alerts, has robust reporting features, and increases quality of care.

Allows agencies to track time entered by direct care staff, system of accountability dashboards, and real-time visibility into overtime metrics and agency approvals for all employees.

Customized and compliant tools for accurate billing, including any state and funding source; eliminates overauthorization with real-time declining balances.

For DCI’s EVV solutions, we utilize what we call our EVV toolkit to capture visit data.

  • Featuring contactless EVV via facial recognition
  • Client Pin/password
  • Client e-signature
  • Telephony
  • FOB device

Resource optimization and employee time management; avoid ratio-based service gaps and ensure accurate billing for any/all hourly/site-based services.

  • Real-time reports that are all configurable through filters on each report.
  • All reports are downloadable into Excel or PDF.
  • Custom reporting is available.

  • Customized goal and task tracking for hourly employees.
    • We give you the ability to create custom goals.
    • Custom Tasks.

      Custom questions and answers with multiple choice or free text.

    • The ability to add pictures and attachments as needed.
  • Customized plan of care. Gives you the ability to create multiple custom care plans and easily edit and update as they change through time.
  • Full reporting with outcomes and graphs.

    Reports are downloadable in PDF and Excel.

  • Easily import templates to expedite.

Business Management Solution: Who We Serve

  • Traditional Medicaid service providers (all lines of service supported).
    • Home and community based (HCBS) and hourly service providers. Hourly in-home care and community-based supports.
    • Residential programs. Group homes, care facilities, assisted living programs, other site-based living facilities providing around-the- clock care.
    • Day programs. Any facility-based setting where multiple clients are supported in groups.
    • Group Services. Nonfacility-based services where multiple clients are served by a single employee, such as group-supported employment (GSE) or group therapy.
    • Parenting Programs. Foster homes, child development homes, adult development homes, respite homes, and other live-in services.
  • Self-Direction Agencies (Including FI/FMS/AWC)
    • FI-fiscal intermediaries.
    • Fiscal management services.
    • Agency with choice.

Additional Features & Options

Full EDI Capabilities

835/837 capabilities complete with remittance advice.

Vendor Payments & Employer Reimbursement

We designed this configurable, flexible reimbursement module for self-direction agencies.

Custom Automated Workflows

Configure the rules and approvals for backend business and processes that work best for your agency, including the capability to reject time entries or give warnings of overtime.

Transportation & Mileage Tracking

Can track both the distance and time that it took to transport an individual receiving services.

  • Uses geomaps and will ping the starting and ending locations asking employees to verify for accuracy.
  • Can track nonbillable mileage.
  • Mileage can delineate between driver accounts and cost centers as well as whether a company or personal vehicle was used.

Proactive, Real-Time Alerts & Notifications

  • Provides HIPAA-secure text messages, emails, user portals, and dashboards.
  • Helps your agency stay ahead on compliance and care.
  • Allows your caregivers to manage themselves.
  • Makes employee oversight simple.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Approximately 100 standard reports.
  • Custom reports available.
  • Real-time data.
  • Location based grouping.
  • Dynamic drill down.
  • Financial, employee, and client reports.
  • Better understanding of what is happening in your business by tracking patterns or trends.

Caregiver Rating System

Clients can rate the quality of their care for every shift.

  • Easy to use 5-star rating system.
  • Rate care via the mobile app in real time.
  • Clients rate the care on their own phone (like Uber).
  • Free text or talk-to-text notes.
  • Reports on caregivers can be shared with clients, programs, and guardians.

Quality of Care Analytics


  • EVV Locations. Designate preapproved service locations.
  • Allow caregivers to select from locations when entering time.
  • Define an appropriate radius for service provision around an EVV location.
  • Entries that occur outside the approved radius will be flagged for review.

Learning Management System

Use our comprehensive system for delivering online training, testing, and certification.

  • Online HD video training content from the DCI Library.
  • Load your own video training.
  • DCI can film custom online training for you.
  • Closed captioned and multiple languages available.

We have direct integrations with Arizona and Oregon. For any other states we will work with you to ensure you understand the import process to upload your authorizations into DCI and we will gladly investigate what a direct integration will look like for your state.

We are happy to integrate with your funding source if they allow it.

We provide multiple electronic integrations to all the large payroll systems. We also have the ability to provide automation as well.

Yes, DCI has full EDI Capabilities to create and send 837’s, and receive back 835’s.

We have streamlined the implementation process and can get you live with DCI in under 90 days!

Our core system is sold as one, but you can choose what components you wish to implement.

We have a proprietary LMS built into DCI’s core system, but we allow for export and import into our training module so you can quickly and easily update the system if you use an external LMS.

At DCI, our employees have direct experience in the healthcare industry, so we know how to address the pain points and provide the capabilities in our business management software that makes the day-to-day management and processes flow smoothly. Experience it for yourself by contacting one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

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