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Vendor Payment & Employer Reimbursement

Direct Care Innovations (DCI) has developed an intuitive vendor payment system that will simplify financial operations. Join our list of clients that include providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed Care Markets. Contact one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

Fiscal Intermediary Vendor Payment Software

In our Vendor Payment & Employer Reimbursement Module, payments and reimbursements work very similarly to each other. Both of them seamlessly integrate with payroll and billing.

  • Employer reimbursements is a function that allows the ability to submit payments to approved employees, per a participant’s authorization.
  • Vendor payments is a function that allows the ability to submit payments to approved vendors, per a participant's authorization.
  • They both have the ability to upload documentation and receipts into DCI, where the information and charges flow into the payroll batches and billing batches as necessary.
  • We’ve also included the ability to accept and reject entries.
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They are the best in this field. Check them out to see if their product can help your organization!!!!

Lori Y., California

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Innovative Software Program for Fiscal Intermediaries

At DCI, our business management software is an all-inclusive program where every module integrates with the others so all details are covered and nothing is overlooked in the day-to-day operations.

Simplify your process by abandoning tedious spreadsheets, paper trails, and the numerous software programs that it takes to do what our one program can do. While our program is sold as one entity, it is your choice as to how much of it you implement.

DCI can help keep your finances in order with our vendor payment software for self-direction organizations. Our clients rely on us to provide configurable, implementable solutions to the challenges of working in the caregiving industry in the 21st century. Are you ready to start? We can have you live in less than 90 days! For more information about DCI, call (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

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