About DCI

At Direct Care Innovations (DCI), our goal is to provide an integrated, all-inclusive business management platform that frees you up to do what you do best — care for the individuals you support. Learn more about us and our vision for making business management a seamless and organized process. Contact one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

Reinventing Direct Care Administration to Create a Sustainable Future

DCI focuses on providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, and Managed Care Markets. We provide the software and solutions for the everyday challenges of working in the caregiving industry in all locations from cities to rural areas.

Our Mission

Reinvent direct care administration to create a sustainable future

Our Vision

Design state of the art systems that streamline administration and direct more resources to caregiving

Our Values

Pioneer innovations for compliance, quality of care, and higher direct care wages

Our Goal

To become your trusted technology partner

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Meet Our Team

J Auer

Matt Dee

Mindi Mitchell

Brian Perry

Marisa Balbo

Ashley Swank

Chelsea Glovis

Susannah Bear

Matt Cavallo

Supreet Dhoat

Trevor Clark

The DCI Origin Story

About 80% of DCI’s employees come from the provider side or fiscal intermediary side of the industry, which gives us valuable insight into how a healthcare technology company should function. Our own CEO, J Auer, started out as a direct support professional and worked his way through all of the different roles at a caregiving agency until becoming CEO. He grew the business to the point where it offered multiple lines of services in multiple states.

During this process, J was trying to solve his own pain points of manual processes for thousands of employees. To address the technical issues and manual processes, he collaborated with a friend, who was also a skilled IBM employee. Together the two designed DCI, a company that is specific to both the caregiving and fiscal intermediary industries.

To experience how DCI’s business management platform can streamline backend businesses processes for your caregiving agency, contact us at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

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