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EVV Aggregator

Direct Care Innovations is a healthcare technology company that creates business management platforms for providers, state agencies, and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance and Managed Care Markets. The DCI EVV Data Aggregation module is used by state and Managed Care organization customers to receive, validate, and report on EVV and claims/billing data from providers and agencies in their network. Interested in learning more? Contact one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

DCI’s EVV Data Aggregation Module

The DCI EVV Aggregation solution is flexible and robust to meet all your needs.

  • Enables end-to-end processing of EVV transactions including claims and visit validation and matching.
  • Provides insight into all program information including detailed visit and claims information.
  • Reduces manual processes to prevent fraud, waste, and abuse thus enabling providers and the state to provide better care for clients.
  • Can capture incomplete data from all state approved EVV systems with notification to source system including invalid data elements and rejection reasons.
  • Captures original data for all transactions including but not limited to timestamp, location data, service provider and duration data as well as modification history and user that entered the data.
  • Collects service location from all the State’s approved methods of location verification.
  • Provides a portal (user interface) where captured data can be searched and presented.
  • Parses and normalizes data from all state approved EVV systems.
  • Provides verification data to the payment system if required.
  • The business rules in the aggregator meet exception verification requirements.
  • Includes ability to identify invalid data and noncompliant EVV data thus detecting fraud attempts and minimizes fraud and waste.
  • Advanced reporting module includes weekly reports showing visits from the billing provider, including both verified and non-verified visits, and can be exported to multiple formats including, but not limited to, CSV and PDF.
  • Calculates daily, and weekly hours worked by caregivers by collecting data from available data collection sources and can aggregate hours by payers, programs, providers and members.
  • Tracks caregiver movement across agencies and keeps the core caregiver data updated at each anniversary of employment per State’s requirements.
  • Can be integrated into State’s or State-operated case management or care management systems as part of the implementation project.
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Seamless EVV Aggregation

DCI’s EVV Aggregator is an important part of our complete business management software, for providers, state and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance and managed care markets. Let us show you how all our modules work together to make an all-inclusive solution to your needs. Contact one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

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