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Proactive Training Compliance for Caregivers

Training and certification of caregivers are essential to ensure that the best possible care is being provided to their clients.

Providers and agency owners need to have a proactive approach to training to ensure that they are providing the best care and also being compliant with state, federal and insurance criteria.

Direct Care Innovations (DCI) creates business management platforms for providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance and Managed Care Markets. DCI also offers a training module that enables customers to easily comply with state and federal guidelines.

Training Delivery and Compliance Solutions

The DCI Training Module is designed to ensure 100% training compliance.

Gaps and deficiencies in training is avoided because the software proactively alerts management to deficiencies and also alerts workers and management when training deficiencies are about to expire.

Now, the platform you use for EVV can also provide a pro-active solution to training and Compliance for caregivers.

Some major advantages to the DCI training platform include:

-Compliance Profiling.

These are options that can be configured for designing training profiles for specific service lines, employee types or individuals in service.

Monitoring and Reporting.

This is an automated function that advises management and the worker when training renewal and certification expiration dates are approaching. This means up -to- the- minute compliance notifications for all employees.

Configurable notifications.

Content, timing, and audience for notifications can all be custom tailored. This function makes sure that the correct notifications are sent to the appropriate individuals. Instead of the individuals having to search through reports, the appropriate notifications are automatically generated and distributed.

Integration with DCI Scheduling.

This function combines certification profiles with client needs. This enables managers to assign care professionals with the appropriate skill sets and certifications matched to individual clients. This also enables a client with multiple needs to be cared for by one caregiver and in one visit. The result is greater efficiency for the agency and improved convenience for the client.

Integration with DCI Time Tracking.

An additional security measure, this function prevents non-compliant staff from entering time. This is also a valuable functionality from an auditing perspective, as there is no possibility of false or erroneous time entries.

Integrated Online Training Access.

The DCI Platform facilitates integration for online Corporate training access.

Integration for links to external Training Resources.

The DCI Platform links to a vast variety of training resources. This makes it easy for management and staff to access the most up to date training materials from multiple providers including schools and other professional institutions.

Proactively guides employees to training resources.

When expiration dates approach, employees and management receive notifications ensuring that compliance is met at all times.

Links to Live Training Calendars.

Does your company direct employees to an online training calendar for scheduling classes? DCI allows employees to access this site from directly within the Training Module.. This conveniently allows classes to be scheduled around typically busy work schedules.

 Workflow and reporting.

The DCI Management Platform collects all relevant workflow information and produces accurate, effective and audit compliant business reports.

Continuing Education is The Responsibility of both the Caregiver and the Agency

Home- and Community-healthcare is a rapidly growing and diverse field. Maintaining skills that are current and in compliance with government regulations is essential, and the only way to ensure compliance is through continuing education.

Direct Care Innovations (DCI)  creates business management platforms for providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance and Managed Care Markets.

All DCI software solutions comply with HIPAA security measures and are industry leaders in secure mobile applications.

DCI also offers an obligation free analysis of your needs and offers not only software but the expertise you will need to implement the programs successfully.

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