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10 Fun Earth Day Activities – Perfect for Kids & Adults with Disabilities

10 Fun Earth Day Activities

Celebrating holidays can be a fun way to build teams and increase community engagement and community awareness throughout the year. Earth Day is coming up and presents the perfect opportunity to plan organized activities for caregivers to do with the people they support. People with disabilities participating in the events will have the chance to learn life skills and socialize with others. As an added benefit, Earth Day activities are fun and meaningful. The following are the top 10 activities to celebrate Earth Day.

Create Seed Gifts

Caregivers can arrange to make seedling gifts with their clients to commemorate Earth Day. Fill up a paper cup or egg carton section with soil and lightly moisten the dirt with a couple drops of water. Plant one or two seeds per container. Individuals can decorate the containers and present them as gifts to friends or family members.

Plan a Nature Walk

Choose a park or nature preserve to meet up as a group on Earth Day. Spring is the perfect time to go out and simply enjoy the natural surroundings. Research your selected spot to confirm that the terrain is easy for everyone to navigate. Bring along snacks and drinks to end the day with a picnic.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

Buying local is good for both the planet and the community. Caregivers and those they support will have a chance to browse produce grown right in their backyards. Together, they can purchase items from the market and create a lunch using the fresh ingredients.

Bird-watching Excursion

Going out in nature to watch birds is a stress-reducing activity. Bird-watching can be done one on one or organized as a group activity. Parks are good areas to watch birds interact in their natural habitats. To prepare, caregivers and individuals they support can make homemade bird food to leave for the birds. For instance, hummingbird nectar can easily be prepared by mixing together boiling water and sugar.

Start a Garden

Gardens can be planted by an individual or done in a group setting. Caregivers should involve individuals in the planning process and ask what types of plants they wish to include. Depending on space, gardens can be planted on the window sill or done in a sunny spot outdoors.

Participate in Clothing Drives

Individuals being supported and caregivers can work together to collect items for donation. All clothing items collected and given to charity will be reused. Remember to research all local organizations before donating.

Pick Up Litter

Keeping the earth clean is a big part of Earth Day. Parks, roadways, and beach areas are always in need of volunteers to help pick up trash.

Create a Recycling Plan

Work together to create bins used for household recycling. For instance, caregivers could support individuals to  set up bins to place items such as newspapers, aluminum cans, glass bottles, and batteries.

Learn About Composting

Many household materials can be transformed into plant fertilizer. Most food waste, including coffee grounds, fruit and vegetable peels, and eggshells can be collected in a compost pile.

Plant a Tree

Traditionally, planting a tree has been a way to commemorate Earth Day. Create an event where people work together to plant a tree out in the community.

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