Electronic Visit Verification

Via Web and Mobile Access

The DCI Mobile Application is designed for tracking time and electronic visit verification for services delivered remotely in homes or community settings. The DCI mobile application provides

  • A double verification process that requires direct care workers and electronic visit verification to ensure services are being provided appropriately.
  • Configurable re-verification prompting.
  • GPS enabled location tracking.
  • Tracking of travel time.
  • Real time running clock for the entire time the direct care staff is clocked in to track shift time.
  • User name and password.
  • Quick pin.
  • Real time declining balances.

The DCI Mobile Application provides configurable settings that allow agencies to apply flexible business rules. The Mobile App has a notification engine that allows agencies to configure notifications on expiring authorization balances, overtime alerts, and other tracking functions within the system. Notifications are flexible and can be configured to meet specific agency needs and work flows.

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