Payroll Time and Attendance

Traditional and Hi-Tech Solutions

The DCI Payroll Time and Attendance Module allows agencies to track time entered by direct care staff in all types of settings.  Time entry can be done through any internet connected device including computers, tablets, and smart phones.  Time entry can also be enabled via telephonic or bio-metric devices.  The Module is mobile enabled with a user friendly interface when connecting to the web using a mobile device.   The Module uses time entries to generate payroll data.  User verification can be done via user name and password, quick pin, telephonic, or bio metric verification.  The Module can be integrated with any existing payroll and accounting systems and  can be used independently for time tracking or integrated with the other DCI Modules for compliance, authorization management, billing, and scheduling, reporting, and overall business management functions. Contact one of our professionals at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

DCI provides time entry options for:

  • Residential Settings- Group Homes, care facilities, hospice, assisted living, hospitals or other site based living facilities providing around the clock care.
  • Day Treatment Programs- Any facility based setting where multiple clients are supported in groups.
  • Group Services- Non-facility based services such as Group Supported Employment or Group Therapy where multiple clients are served by a single employee.
  • Hourly Services- Services that are provided in community based setting on a one -staff to one- client basis. For example home and community based services (HCBS), supported living (SL), or other in home care services.
  • Parenting programs- Foster homes, child developmental homes, professional parent homes, adult developmental homes, respite homes, and other live in services.

The DCI Time and Attendance Module provides powerful time management functions including:

  • Configurable business rules for different cost centers, service types, and staff ratios.
  • Management of multiple pay rates for individual employees, clients, and services.
  • Client portal for clients to verify service delivery and view their information and staff activities.
  • Employee portal for staff to manage time entries, mileage and transportation, and sick and vacation requests.
  • Supervisor portal for approving and rejecting employee time entries and requests.
  • An auditor portal that allows internal and external auditors access for audits and quality assurance.
  • Overtime management tools for managers
  • Affordable Care Act Management reporting
  • Configurable dashboards for employees and managers

The DCI Time and Attendance Module provides configurable settings that allow agencies to apply flexible business rules.  The Time and Attendance Module has a notification engine that allows agencies to configure notifications on expiring authorization balances, overtime alerts, and other tracking functions within the system.  Notifications are flexible and can be configured to meet specific agency needs and work flows.

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