Training Delivery and Compliance Solutions

The DCI Training Module is designed to ensure 100% training compliance for direct care workers and to proactively alert management to any training deficiencies before they expire.  The DCI Training Module ensures training compliance by focusing in three areas;

  • Compliance Profiling
    • Configurable options for designing training profiles for specific service lines, employee types, or individuals in service.
  • Monitoring and Reporting
    • Monitoring renewal and expiration dates for training certifications.
    • Configurable notifications for employees, supervisors, HR, QA, and other auditors.
    • Integration with DCI Scheduling assists managers with selecting properly certified staff for different service lines.
    • Integration with DCI time tracking prevents non-compliant staff from entering time.
  • Integrated Online Training Access
    • Integration for corporate online training access.
    • Integration for links to external training resources.
    • Proactively guides employees to training resources to keep them compliant at all times.
    • Links to live training calendars for scheduling training classes.

The DCI Management Platform efficiently collects all relevant work flow information and produces accurate, effective, and compliant business outcomes.

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