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A Portal for Every Purpose

Direct Care Innovations makes life easier for caregiving agencies. Our experts meticulously designed our software to meet every possible need your agency could have. When agencies use our portals, they’re able to focus on their clients.

User Portals

Direct Care Innovations makes access easy and management easy for agency staff, caregivers, and clients. Our portals are available in desktop and mobile versions. With DCI, you get the following:
  • Employee Portal
    • Direct Care Professionals
    • Admin and Salary Staff
  • Supervisor Portal
    • Supervisors
    • Directors and Administrators
  • Auditor Portal
    • State Agencies
    • MCO’s
    • Internal Auditors
  • Guardian Portals
    • Guardians
    • Family Members
  • Administrator/Super User Portal

Electronic Visit Verification and Time Entry

DCI makes EVV a breeze. Our mobile apps provide:
  • Real Time Clock In and Out
  • Double Verification Process
  • Alerts, Notifications, and internal messaging for staff, clients, and supervisors
  • Optional FOBB Devices for Rural Areas
Our site based EVV interface includes:
  • Static IP
  • Hardline Phone EVV
  • Biometric Scanning Options
    • Fingerprint
    • Optical
    • Biometric

Phones and Tablets

Direct Care Innovations’ portals are accessible for products such as Androids, iPhones, tablets, and iPads. Our mobile app makes administrative tasks easy, like:
  • Time Entry and EVV
  • GPS Location and Transportation Tracking
  • Real-Time Reporting and Notification
  • Integration with Every DCI Module
Our app also includes community and site-based options, and a variety of options for every organization.


Our portals also provide proactive and real-time alerts and notifications. These alerts, including HIPAA secure text messages, emails, user portals, and dashboards:
  • Help your agency stay ahead on compliance
  • Allow your caregivers to self-manage
  • Oversee employees

Rating System

DCI understands your agency operates best when you know exactly what your clients want and need. We’ve created a user-friendly client caregiver rating portal. With it, your clients will be able to:
  • Rate the quality of their care for every shift
  • Rate the care on their own phone
  • Utilize an easy 5-Star rating system
  • Rate the care in real time
  • Use text or talk to text notes for free
These ratings will then be used to create a report that caregivers share with clients, programs, and guardians. Excited about what DCI Software can do for your caregiving agency? Contact us for a sales demo today.

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