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Automated Billing for Direct Care

Keeping track of billables for services provided by your direct care agency, while making sure that you’re always within authorized limits, is time-consuming. Not to mention remaining in compliance with Medicare, Medicaid and other federal regulations. If you’re not using an automated billing system, this time spent on billing takes away your focus from other areas of your business, and this could be hindering your growth. Here’s what automated billing can do for you:
  • Reduces your billing processing costs
  • Gives you the ability to manage billing for multiple locations
  • Increased accuracy of services billed as billing for wrong services, wrong clients or those that exceed limits is eliminated
  • Keeps track of services for yearly, monthly, daily and hourly limits
  • Requires all services to be approved before being billed
  • Services that require client verification will not be billed until client verification is confirmed.
  • Instant access for auditing data to verify any changes made to patient information, including when and who made the changes
  • Easier resolutions for billing issues because all the information you need is at your fingertips instead of searching through invoices and timesheets
  • Maintaining compliance with HIPAA, Medicare and Medicaid requirements
  • Eliminates paperwork and the need to store paper billing records, which can be costly and difficult to keep secure
DCI’s automated billing software module fully integrates or replaces existing funding authorization databases to always keep you compliant. This billing module utilizes data from other modules in DCI’s software, including the authorization, payroll and training modules to ensure billing accuracy and eliminate the hassles related to manual billing systems.

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