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Celebrate Disability Pride Month with DCI

Disability Pride Month is held each July to commemorate the passing of the Americans With Disabilities Act on July 26, 1990. It’s a time for people living with disabilities — intellectual, developmental, and physical — to celebrate their bodies, their disabilities, and who they are today. Direct Care Innovations invites you to learn more about Disability Pride Month and how you can join the celebration.

Celebrate Disability Pride Month With DCI

Why Celebrate Disability Pride Month?

Disabilities are a broad range of unique yet similar illnesses. Many misunderstand that living with a disability means living without – when it’s truly about recognizing what people have gained because of their disability. Whether you are living with a disability, are a family member or friend of someone with a disability, or want to understand what the disabled community accomplishes daily, Disability Pride Month is a great place to begin.

3 Ways to Celebrate Disability Pride Month

There are several ways to celebrate disability pride and learn more about the amazing people who live with disabilities. Consider these three ideas for celebrating disability pride in your area. 

1. Learn about Ableism

Ableism is a belief that individuals have value according to normal societal constructs. If an individual living with a disability is not intelligent or productive enough according to these constructs, then they are not deemed as a “normal” member of society. This appalling and slippery path leads others to decide the worth of individuals with disabilities based on their appearance, abilities, and effectiveness. 

Challenge this limiting belief by first taking a look inward. Do you have any thoughts or feelings that may stem from this thinking? Are you disrespecting or unappreciating people strictly because of their disabilities? You can also step in when you notice others around you practicing ableism. Tell them what you’ve learned and how you actively fight against and make others aware of this false cultural belief.

2. Read about Disability Activists

One of the best ways to celebrate disability pride is to read about past and present disability activists. Not only can you better understand what life with a disability is like, but you can also see how their work has helped shape today’s disability rights. We want to share about two activists: Judy Heumann and Wesley Hamilton.

Judy is known as “the mother” of the disability rights movement and was instrumental in fighting for Section 504, passed in 1973. Section 504 was critical as it ensured individuals were not discriminated against due to their disabilities. Through her work, Judy has helped millions of children excel at school and individuals lead successful careers.

Wesley Hamilton, from Kansas City, founded Disabled But Not Really, an organization that promotes health and fitness for individuals with disabilities by helping them build healthy connections with their bodies. It also operates a mobile gym that travels around Kansas City, providing individuals with disabilities equal access to fitness centers.

3. Attend a Disability Pride Event

If you live near a largely populated area, odds are there may be a few disability pride events near you. Gather with other members of the disability community and celebrate your uniqueness and value. If you have family members or friends with disabilities, offer to go with them to show your support. A few events taking place around the country include Disability Unite Festival (New York), Disability Pride Parade (Illinois), and Disability Pride LA (California).

Your Trusted Healthcare Technology Partner 

DCI is proud to support and spread awareness of the disability community and the impact they have made for future generations. Our innovative healthcare business management software makes life easier for you and your employees as you serve individuals within the disability community. We offer many features, such as home and community-based scheduling, online training and compliance, care management software, and EVV solutions. Request a sales demo by calling (480) 295-3307 today.

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