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How Long Does CPR Certification Last

CPR certification is very important to ensure the health and safety of those around you, especially if you are a caregiver. Keep reading for more information on CPR, length of CPR certification, and more about CPR certification.

How Long CPR Certification Lasts

CPR certification typically lasts two years. Once the two years are up, the class and test need to be taken again to stay certified. Classes are available in person and online, for you and your company’s convenience.

Why is CPR Certification So Important?

If someone in care is ever in a life-threatening situation that requires CPR, it’s best if their caregivers know this life saving technique. This is why it’s so important for caregivers to be CPR certified. Even if the individual in care is in good health, it’s best for caregivers to be prepared and ready to perform CPR at any given moment while on the job.

How You Can Become CPR Certified

It is very easy to become CPR certified. A class only takes several hours to take and complete. Many businesses and CPR classes are offered at the place of business or online. It really depends on the company and how to best teach employees CPR. The class does not take much time to complete (only a few hours) and once the test is passed, you are CPR certified for two complete years.

Save Yourself Some Stress with Software

Software makes it easy to get your employees CPR certified. You can track completion requirements for every employee, so that you know who is and who is not CPR certified. The software can also tell you when an employee is due to renew, as well as remind the employee when certification needs to be renewed. This is especially important when a person picking up a shift needs to be CPR certified. If the caregiver still has to take the class and test to be CPR certified, they will be unable to pick up a shift until their certification is completed.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having CPR software to keep track of who has and has not been CPR certified in your company. You can focus on what is important and let the software do its work for you.

Let DCI Help You with CPR Certification

CPR certification is an important and essential step for caregivers to take to fulfill all their job requirements and to assist their patients in life-threatening situations when needed. Make this easy by letting DCI do all the heavy lifting for you. DCI can help your organization keep track of all training and requirements relating to CPR and other certifications. DCI makes this easy to do for training and job requirements. Take advantage of this offer today by scheduling a demo. Then, you will be able to focus on running your company and serving those around you.

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