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Customize Software for Your Direct Care Organization

Every caregiving agency operates differently, meaning they each have unique needs. Agencies interested in automating administrative tasks should seek out software that’s customizable to the way they do business.

Service Verification

If your caregiving agency includes services delivered in private homes and residential or community care settings, utilizing a software that offers electronic visit verification process is necessary. Your agency needs to know when your caregivers are assisting their clients in remote locations. For EVV compliance, a simple time clock won’t do.


Think beyond the scope of regular training programs. Consider a program that includes training, testing, and certification as part of the package. Our software offers customized training videos for your agency, and has closed captioning and multiple languages available.

User Portals

When investing in a user-portal software, be aware of who does and doesn’t need access. Does your user-portal need to be accessible to staff and employees, but not clients and guardians? Should your clients and guardians have a different user-portal altogether? DCI can design multiple layers of secure user portals for each of your agency’s stakeholders.


Utilizing a billing software that detects potential errors can save you money and clients. Authorization limits add a level of complexity to Medicare and Medicaid billing, which our software addresses.

Scheduling Creation

Schedule modules can include elements such as caregiver availability, missed shifts, gap reporting, overtime, and shift-switching. You can even get software that incorporates employee rotations and on-call staff. Like user-portals, be sure to consider who will have access to schedules and the methods they might use to view them (desktop, mobile, etc.). Direct Care Innovations has proven to be an effective technological partner in the caregiving world. If you’re interested in software catered specifically to your caregiving agency, keep browsing our website or call (480) 295-3307 now to learn more.

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