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DCI Software for Residential Care Settings

Providing optimal residential care in retirement and nursing homes is important. The health and overall well-being of residents relies heavily on this. In order to ensure this level of care is maintained, companies need to take advantage of the features and services available through DCI Software. No matter how large your resident community is or how many staff members you have, there are a number of residential care settings your facility can take advantage of. These are just some of the most used.

Scheduling Services

The scheduling features of DCI Software are more than just useful features for employees. Residential care facilities run on a strict schedule. Residents and patients rely on routines in order to build their level of comfort living in a new residential care facility. Establishing this schedule and setting it up within the DCI software ensures all employees, regardless of shift or days of the week they work, knows what the schedules are for each patient.

Training Compliance

If your residential care facility is like most, there is a host of different level nurses. Some are full registered nurses with Bachelor of Science degrees within their specified field. Others, however, are nursing assistants. These individuals do not have as much training and are not able to perform the same kind of tasks within the community. In fact, there may be certain jobs you need them to handle but they simply are not able to due to the lack of certification and training. With the training and compliance solutions with DCI software, you can start changing this.


When it comes to providing the highest level of care within a residential nursing or extended care home, DCI Software allows an improvement in these areas thanks to the residential care settings. If you’re interested in improving the level of care you offer, now is the time to invest in the advantages of DCI Software.

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