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Electronic Visit Verification With DCI

With mobile access, it’s becoming more of a possibility for people to be served and cared for at home. This is great for those living with disabilities or those with limited mobility. Below is some information about Electronic Visit Verification (EVV).

Mobile and Web Access

When home and community-based services are provided, staff need a way to track their time spent while working remotely with individuals. Having mobile access for Electronic Visit Verification is a great way to do this. The DCI Mobile Application can verify visits electronically and track the amount of time staff were present serving individuals whether at home or in the community, so they get paid appropriately.

What Our Application Provides

There are many benefits to using our Electronic Visit Verification application. Features of our electronic visit verification application include:

  • Facial Recognition for those individuals that may be unable to sign.Easy access to PIN/Password.
  • E-Signature capabilities.
  • A double verification process in which electronic visit verification and direct care workers must make sure their services are being provided in an appropriate way.
  • Password and username.
  • Ability to track travel time for client transportation or employee mileage.
  • Ability to reduce authorization balances in real-time.
  • Prompting provided for configurable re-verification.
  • GPS used for tracking location.
  • Running clock to track time for direct care staff.

 DCI  also has a place where settings can be configured to meet your agency’s business needs, which then can be reflected in the mobile app. Overtime alerts, authorization balances, and other tracking features can be viewed in the DCI Mobile Application. Notifications can even be changed to help meet your agency’s specific workflow needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our electronic visit verification application. We want you, as well as your staff, to feel they are making the most of their time every instance they are providing care.

About DCI

DCI stands for Direct Care Innovations. We provide electronic tools to help your direct care business work efficiently to meet the needs of your staff and those individuals you serve. We have tools for training and compliance, electronic visit verification, authorization management, scheduling, payroll time and attendance, goal and task tracking, and billing. Please contact us to see how we can meet the specific needs of your organization, staff, and those you serve.

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