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Empower Your Decision Making to Increase Care Agency Revenue

Managing a Care Agency requires making hundreds of decisions daily, and the more informed the decision, the better the outcome. Being informed empowers you to make critical decisions on day-to-day operations, billing, scheduling and every other aspect of your agency operations.

Being “empowered” to make these decisions correctly, quickly and with full consideration of the needs of both your clients and your staff is critical to maintaining the financial goals needed for your agency and client satisfaction.

Fortunately, there are platforms that enable the agency manager to have the necessary information and have it accessible in a format that empowers you to make good decisions.

Increase Care Agency Revenue

An organization’s financial success looks different for each agency; what’s not a difference between agencies is having one place to log into to view and manage organized data from various operations of your organization. Decreasing your time while managing and reviewing data plays an important role in the agility of increasing your agency revenue.

DCI can get you that data.

  • DCI currently provides over 80+ reports covering all major entity types within the system including participants, employees, punches, service codes, authorizations, etc. All reports include a set of appropriate search criteria filters and all are available for download/export.  
  • In addition to the DCI Reports Module, DCI contains over 20 unique data lists throughout the system that can be exported into CSV files. These lists include but are not limited to: employees, participants, cost centers, entries, service codes, and service accounts.
  • DCI stores and aggregates large amounts of data that can be extracted or produced via canned reports, and then manipulated and presented in infinite variations. Many DCI customers find they can efficiently produce reports of any kind using simple Excel macros. External solutions (as mentioned in 3.14) can also be used to query and display data in whatever format the customer requires.
  • DCI includes standard dashboards for all roles monitoring time, entries,  certifications, news posts, messages, approvals etc. Supervisor/Employer roles can view the dashboards for their employees. DCI also allows for dashboards via integration via SSRS and/or analytics engines (e.g. PowerBI or Tableau) that support connectivity to MS SQL Server.

With efficient access to your organizations data with DCI, the benefits quickly follow:

  • Decrease Overtime
    • Manage scheduling of staff and appointments by viewing travel and logged hours.
  • Increase Client Satisfaction
    • Your main goal as a service provider is the satisfaction of the client. Properly match providers with client needs and provide consistency in caregiver visits for your clients.
  • Scheduling and Appointment Making
    • Schedule multiple clients with different needs and multiple staff providers to ensure that the visiting provider has the necessary skills for the needs of a client.
  • Increase Billable Units/Dollars
    • Enable agents to document all services provided in a user-friendly platform for increased efficiency.

Direct Care Innovations (DCI)  creates business management platforms for providers and government agencies in the Medicaid, Medicare, Private Insurance and Managed Care Markets.

All DCI solutions comply with government and independent security measures.

Request an obligation free analysis of your needs by a team of industry experts. At DCI, you’re not just purchasing software – you’re purchasing the expertise you’ll need to implement and operationalize the programs successfully. Contact us for a demo!

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