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Featured in ANCOR – “Is Your Staff Properly Trained?”

A Direct Support Professional (DSP) has the important job of assisting disabled patients in daily tasks. This role requires compliance, which is why agencies should make sure their employees are well trained for it. Creating a good training program can go a long way for an organization; a properly trained staff will ensure that the organization is more efficient.

However, it is difficult for managers to balance the time between onsite in-person training and providing actual services. Training sessions for DSPs can take a while, when that time can be better spent providing care to clientele. With an online learning management platform, the training process can be sped up and streamlined.

The Benefits of Online Training

A learning management system brings many benefits to an organization and its staff. For one thing, online resources allow trainees to learn at their own pace. Rather than rushing through the training materials, trainees have the opportunity to process what they’ve learned through an online learning system. An online training program also encourages self-sufficiency, which is a great skill to foster during the training process. Online training courses are often designed so that the user can complete it on their own, encouraging self-reliance on the part of the trainee.

As for the managers and trainers, an online learning system means less work for them. It also reduces on-site training costs. Online content is often less costly than in-person training materials. The training content also remains consistent; the testing becomes standardized, so managers are able to accurately measure how trainees are doing across the board. To learn more about how our online learning platform works, contact Direct Care Innovations for more information. With the help of seasoned professionals like our Vice President for Sales, Brian Perry, we have developed a seamless learning management system that helps agencies in training and compliance. Give us a call at (480) 295-3307 to request a demo from Direct Care Innovations. 

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