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Getting Beyond Manual Processes at Work

Are manual processes wasting your company time and money? Trying to keep information up-to-date in Excel sheets or an Access database can keep you from always having the most up-to-date information. Managing timesheets, employee tax records, billing, and training is difficult and time-consuming when you have to manually enter information. Not having accurate and up-to-date information at all times makes it difficult to give your clients the best service, which jeopardizes your business’s bottom line, reputation and compliance. Getting beyond your manual processes represents a more efficient way to manage your company’s information.

Automation Improves HR Processes

The onboarding process of a new employee means a load of paperwork if you’re still using manual processes in HR. A single employee file can contain between 20 to 60 documents and each document will have different access levels and retention rules. Plus, keeping track of certifications and training records can be a nightmare. Manually managing all this information in a timely and efficient manner in nearly impossible. Additionally, there is always the risk that documents can become lost or misplaced. By automating HR processes, all information is captured and stored electronically in one place, where it is kept secure and available for immediate retrieval when you need it. Any updates to employee information are propagated throughout his or her employee files, such as changes in address, phone number or training/certification records seamlessly without the need to manually update various forms. Moving beyond manual processes into automated processes can improve HR efficiency for your direct care agency by:
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Employee separation
  • Employee records management
  • Timesheets and pay records
  • Time off requests
  • Benefits enrollment
  • Employee training requirements
Explore how DCI software can help you get beyond manual processes by automating HR some tasks, freeing your resources and allowing you to better serve both your clients and your employees.

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