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Healthcare Employee Payroll Solutions

Health and home care companies employ hundreds of workers, each with different scheduling and payment arrangements. With the help of Direct Care Innovations (DCI), you receive not only a revolutionary payroll time and attendance platform, but the ability to customize the system so it fits your company.

Entry Options

With mobile-enabled software, your employees can check in and out wherever they are connected to the Internet. Some of the entry options provided by DCI include:
  • Day Treatment Programs
  • Residential settings for group homes, hospice, assisted living and others
  • Parent programs for foster homes
  • Hourly wage settings

Monitor Employee Time Settings

Not all employees utilize the same time and payment settings. Some of the different time and attendance features DCI provides include:
  • ACA reporting
  • Configuration for different cost centers
  • Managing of varying pay rates (even for the same employee)
  • Client portal for visit verification
  • Supervisor portal
  • Auditor portal
  • Overtime management
When it comes to healthcare employee payroll solutions, you need a system capable of fitting your specific needs, without requiring you to alter how you keep records or box your potential in. If you’re ready to upgrade and improve upon your current healthcare employee payroll system, check out our comprehensive software solutions.

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