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Home Health Care & Its Growing Labor Shortage

If you’re involved in the home health care industry — as a patient, family member, or provider — the growing labor shortage is probably no surprise to you. Many home health agencies are finding it more difficult to provide effective care to an increasing number of adults in need with fewer home health workers available. Direct Care Innovations understands the urgency of this problem. Below are a few strategies and solutions that many healthcare agencies and organizations are using to provide quality home health care amid the current labor shortage.

Home Health Care & Its Growing Labor Shortage

Labor Shortage Crisis

First, we need to discuss why there is a labor shortage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the home health industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries at a rate of 25%. However, the 2021 median pay of home health and personal care aides was $29,430. As a result, many home health care employees are considered low-wage workers and find it necessary to rely on some form of public assistance to make ends meet. 

Possible Solutions

There are some solutions that home health care organizations are implementing to effectively care for the developmentally disabled or elderly population. These strategies also help to fill the current labor gap in home health care. By implementing these solutions, it is possible to deliver quality care while cutting down on costs, all while providing home health care workers with a wage they deserve.

Telehealth Services

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many healthcare providers and agencies turned to telehealth services. This solution can only go so far in providing effective care, but it can relieve some of the increasing pressure being placed on overworked aides. For example, a telehealth or video conference appointment can eliminate the need for spending time and resources transporting individuals to and from various appointments.

Home Healthcare Vouchers

Some states are considering the use of a voucher-type system which will allow individuals more freedom in choosing among home health care providers. This gives families access to the resources they need including home health, adult day services, home modification needs, and more. It also helps to offset some of the challenges in providing long-term support during a time when there are fewer home health care employees along with a consistent increase in home health care services.

Healthcare Management Software

Many home health agencies are turning to integrated business management software as a cost-saving solution. By taking advantage of healthcare management software, many tasks, such as payroll, scheduling, and vendor payments, can be completed efficiently and accurately. Home health care agencies can then pass on the savings to caregivers and begin providing a significantly better wage. 

Providing a Sustainable Future

At DCI, we offer a cost-effective business management solution for your home health care agency that will save on costs without sacrificing the quality of care you provide. Contact us today to learn more about our healthcare management platform or give us a call at (480) 295-3307 to request a sales demo. We serve all 50 U.S. states.

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