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How DCI Can Help Your Home and Community Health Agency

At DCI — Direct Care Innovations — we are just that! We want to bring the very best cutting-edge technology to your agency and completely invigorate the experience there with innovation. The bottom line is a better outcome for your staff and the individuals that you serve. It is our goal to alleviate the stresses of the administrative tasks of your agency — billing, training, scheduling, authorization management, payroll, and time and accrual by streamlining the processes.

As a result, you and your direct care workers can spend more time on improving your clients’ quality of life and less time on the logistics. We take care of that for you as we partner with your agency to provide an all-inclusive, cohesive administrative management platform.

A Home and Community Health Agency Case Study

We have the know-how to back up our brand of delivering integrated management. A large organization that we’ve worked with was transformed by DCI software management and those that they support were better served — our ultimate goal.

The 4,000-employee, 60-million-dollar healthcare organization was bogged down by its administrative processes. Within a 12-month period, Direct Care Innovations changed the atmosphere by empowering the staffers with the technology to do their jobs better.

  • A Savings of 67% in Overtime Per Payroll Cycle
  • Payroll Processing Time Was Cut by 91% 
  • 74% of Aged Receivables Were Eliminated
  • EVV Compliance Was Highlighted by a Less Than 1% Denial Rate on New Receivables 
  • Caregiver Salaries Were Increased by 12.2%
  • An Annual Impact of 1.2 Million Dollars Evidenced With DCI
  • Over 1 Million Annual Return On Investment 

The bottom line problems of our case study organization were solved with the addition of DCI. Billing cycles took two weeks before we were brought in. The cycle now takes four hours. The payroll cycle was reduced from one week to 45 minutes. 

The efficient delivery of care is what we at DCI have in mind when we design our technology platforms, and we know it’s what you have in mind as you care for the individuals that you serve and handle the inherent tasks. Let’s begin the partnership today to make the change from too long to right on time.  If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help, contact us for a FREE demo today!

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