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How Technology Is Changing the Lives of Individuals Living with Disabilities

It is truly amazing how much can be accomplished through technology. Online shopping, staying connected with friends and loved ones, and conducting business are simply a few of the many developments that have been made over the last few decades. At Direct Care Innovations, we understand that technology has played a major part in helping people living with disabilities become more independent. Let’s take a closer look at why this is important and how technology is changing the lives of those who need consistent caregiving services.

How Technology Is Changing the Lives of Individuals With Disabilities

Helping Individuals Live a More Independent Life

Progress made in technology has changed people’s lives forever, including those living with physical or intellectual developmental disabilities (IDDs). Technology provides a person-centered approach to helping these individuals find the various digital applications and modern innovations that work best for them. When combined with the additional support of in-person assistance, technology offers a way for people to live more independently, gain meaningful employment, and be involved in their community.

Various Technological Advancements for Individuals Living with Disabilities

The technological advancements that have been developed to assist those living with IDDs are many, and they continue to grow. Here are a few examples of the different developments that have been made and are currently being used:

  • Two-way audio and video communication that allows caregivers to check on their loved ones remotely
  • Smart home devices that assist with controlling thermostats, turning on lights, and opening doors
  • Advanced technology that allows someone to drive their wheelchair by moving their eyes or translates for those with non-traditional speech
  • Home technology that alerts residents when the stove has been left on or reminds individuals to take their medications

Providing More Individuals with These Technological Developments

More people living with various disabilities are becoming aware of and using these methods, but there are still barriers that keep others from being able to take advantage of these modern innovations. While many people want to utilize these types of technologies, they may need help getting comfortable making them a part of their daily routine. Also, many of these advancements require reliable internet or phone service in order to work correctly and help individuals.

Supporting Those with Disabilities & Their Caregivers with High-Tech Health Care Software

At DCI, we support individuals living with disabilities and their caregivers across the United States with our advanced health care software and technology. Find out more about our real-time authorization management, payroll time and attendance, care management, and other business management modules, when you contact us at (480) 295-3307

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