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How We Are Addressing Disability Data Justice

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a major gap in the collection of data on behalf of individuals living with disabilities. To properly serve members of the disability community, it’s essential to have complete access to accurate data. This information is used to influence decisions made in regard to their health and well-being as well as the quality of care they receive. At Direct Care Innovations, we provide comprehensive software that can accurately collect detailed information in order to assist in closing the disability data gap. Here are a few ways that we can help your organization become proficient with disability data justice.

How We Are Addressing Disability Data Justice

What Is Disability Data Justice?

In the healthcare community, data is used to identify various disparities, promote positive social mobility, and encourage both physical and mental wellness. When there are gaps in disability data, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic when many assessments did not include standard disability questions, this can have a negative effect on how well we are addressing the needs of those with disabilities. These gaps make it even more difficult to provide valuable health opportunities and create evidence-based policies that can address or discover inequities for those living with developmental disabilities.

Our Data-Tracking Features

Our business management software features digital solutions for tracking several different datasets, including:

Patient Data

We provide several digital modules for tracking and reporting patient data. With our Care Management Module, your agency can create and record custom goals and tasks for clients and upload documents that are pertinent to their specific needs. You can also create multiple custom care plans, include the specific data points your agency is required to track, and also edit or update those care plans as needed. This module also offers features such as comprehensive reporting with outcomes and graphs, reports that can be downloaded as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets, and easy-to-use data report templates.

Agency Data

With our electronic visit verification, training and compliance, and many other valuable modules, your organization can record data specific to the services you are providing for individuals with developmental disabilities. Not only can these modules offer meticulous and extensive data tracking, but they can also create 100% compliance, provide detailed reporting features, and improve your quality of care.

Helping You Close the Disability Data Gap

Direct Care Innovations does more than offer an integrated business management platform for healthcare agencies. We take ownership in doing our part to help close the disability data gap. Learn more about how we can assist your agency to do the same by contacting us at (480) 295-3307 or by requesting a sales demo today.

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