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IHSS Seeks Pay Increase for Home Health Workers

The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Public Authority Board of Directors approved a new memorandum of understanding between the SEIU Local 2015 Union and Lake County, CA. The agreement adopts a well-deserved pay increase for home health workers effective January 1. Direct Care Innovations provides business management software for managed care organizations, and we support home health workers. Keep reading to learn more about the agreement, and what it may mean for home health care workers.

IHSS Seeks Pay Increase for Home Health Workers

Long-Awaited Pay Increase

The IHSS union successfully ended four years of negotiations with Lake County, California. The previous contract expired eight years ago, and workers have seen no increase for the past seven years. Their efforts yielded a new agreement for home health workers that included a provision for a base wage that equates to either the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is higher. Lake County workers previously made minimum wage and ranked toward the lower end of hourly rates per county. California minimum wage is $14 per hour but increases to $15 per hour on January 1.

In addition to the base wage provision, the IHSS worked out a $.65 pay increase for home health workers to go into effect on January 1. In other words, the base wage is $14 per hour through the end of 2021. On January 1, the hourly rate changed to $15.65. Consequently, we should note that the changes only impact employers with 25 or more employees. 

Improved Industry Standards

The SEIU hopes to improve industry standards for IHSS workers across the state. For example, the union strongly supports a base hourly rate of $20 per hour, so the agreement progresses toward the goal. To that end, they launched the Time for $20 campaign, which union members champion during negotiations throughout California. In addition to a higher hourly rate, they also seek to improve access to health care, safety, professional development, and retirement. 

Moreover, the IHSS worker’s union also negotiated a $5,000 annual stipend for training and personal protective equipment. The SEIU will manage the fund, which can be applied to training for CPR, proper lifting techniques, infection control, identifying heart attack symptoms, signs of stroke, and diabetic coma. Workers can also attend training focused on working with patients who have dementia, Alzheimer’s, autism, and mental health disorders. 

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