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Increased Social Security Benefits Are Coming for the Disabled Community

A 2022 cost-of-living adjustment will positively impact Social Security benefits for the disabled community. The increase, tied to the Consumer Price Index, is the highest since 1982 and the most significant in over ten years. Additionally, the infrastructure bill continues to make its way through the legislative process. In this post, Direct Care Innovations reviews the recent change, impacts, and potential outcomes for the disabled community. 

Increased Social Security Benefits for the Disabled Community

Cost of Living Increase

According to the Social Security Administration, 2022 will bring a 5.9% increase in benefits. Automatic cost-of-living benefits (COLA) tie into inflation, which is rising. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics uses the Consumer Price Index to gauge inflation and uses the metric to determine adjustments to federal Social Security. States make their own rules in terms of whether and how to make adjustments. Therefore, some states will also increase their benefits, as well. 

This year’s maximum federal benefit for individuals, $794 per month, will rise to $841 in 2022. Couples will increase from $1,191 per month to a maximum of $1,261. The change begins in January 2022 and impacts 64 million Social Security recipients, and the million receiving SSI. Those affected by the change should receive communication via mail by the end of the year. The benefit increase is substantial, considering the average increase was 1.65% for the past ten years.

What about the Infrastructure Plan?

The initial $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that earmarked $400 billion for Medicaid home and community-based care failed to gain enough support to pass. However, the current version still budgets $150 billion, significantly impacting those living with disabilities. In fact, it would still be the most significant investment in 40 years. Many advocates and direct service providers hope the current bill will pass to enable those with disabilities to get off waiting lists and impact the workforce shortage positively. 

That being said, advocates still hope to include some paid leave programs. The paid leave programs, in particular, could allow family members and loved ones of those living with disabilities to provide them care while compensating for lost wages.

Combined Benefits and Increased Budgets Provide Opportunities

Those with disabilities, and the people who provide direct services, understand the growth and empowerment of investing in home and community-based services. As corporations and communities work toward a more inclusive environment, the funding for these programs makes the work fruitful. State and federal cost-of-living increases, along with a passed reconciliation bill, while less than initially hoped, can still make an impact. While the latter remains to be seen, advocates continue to work diligently in support of it.

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