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National DSP Week With DCI

National DSP Recognition Week is a celebratory opportunity that praises the direct support professional workforce that uplifts and assists people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). In order to help the physically and intellectually disabled, a dedicated DSP must be continually caring, compassionate, patient, persevering in their assistance of the community, and much more.

During this week, our team at Direct Care Innovations (DCI) took the time to recognize the hard work and dedication of caregivers by hosting a contest, as a way to show how thankful we were for the DSP labor force. We celebrated National DSP Recognition Week by giving away 55 prizes in total, awarding 50 professionals with $50 Darden gift cards, and five direct support professionals with up to $600 to spend on groceries.

Our Incredible DSP Winners

We are honored to congratulate the 55 winning DSPs and are humbled to have an opportunity to share a few of their stories.


As a therapy professional, Becky goes above and beyond by coming up with fresh ideas and new ways of running virtual therapy sessions. Becky brings therapy materials and educational supplies to further assist the people she works with. “She was pivotal in setting up telehealth for the Twin Falls office when most of us didn’t even know what that was,” says one of Becky’s colleagues. “She personally reached out to all of the participants and families interested in receiving services, making sure their equipment was set up and everyone was on the schedule.”


Some professionals will always return back to work, even after going through a major life event such as surgery. The second grocery prize was awarded to Taya, who resumed her work even after undergoing brain surgery. Following her surgery, Taya was able to get back into the swing of things as if she had never left. This DSP shows utter dedication to her teammates. Way to go, Taya!


Kate is being recognized for her excellent work in keeping the client base happy and engaged. Clients adore Kate for her calm and positive attitude, especially during moments of crisis. With experience in both residential and daily life skills, Kate has garnered a reputation for being an all-around great DSP. “Kate has been a part of the Flinthills family for eight years now… Not only do our clients adore Kate, but so do the families and the guardians,” praises one of Kate’s colleagues. “The compassion and dedication Kate has for our clients is something to admire!”


Gail is our fourth winner for the DSP grocery prize. This caregiver is known for thinking outside of the box, putting together fun art projects that allow people to express their creative side. Gail also plans engaging science experiments, as well as activities for dancing, singing, and sign language-learning. One of Gail’s peers has this to say about her: “The client she works with has a difficult time without structure. Gail uses the activities and they plan his day so that he has consistency and structure. It helps the client stay engaged. The client likes when Gail comes to work with him and is always excited to see her.”


Our final prize winner, Kara, is awarded for her hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. This DSP has accepted extra hours without complaint, working several rotations of two-week stints during the lockdown period. Kara has given up vacation time to ensure that individual needs were fulfilled. She has also contributed to keeping individuals entertained by supplying art material. As a single mother, Kara has done more than enough to help people during this stressful time.

Our team at DCI is so appreciative of every professional in the field and is honored to have had the opportunity to give back & support the hard-working men and women in the DSP community.

About DCI

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