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New Year’s Resolutions for Family & Direct Support Caregivers

Caring for others can exhaust both your time and energy. While it can be rewarding to make a difference in your client’s or family member’s lives, it can also be demanding on your schedule, mental stamina, and physical strength. At Direct Care Innovations, we want to encourage you to make some New Year’s Resolutions that will improve your life, the lives of your family members and clients, and your relationships with them.

New Year's Resolutions for Family & Direct Support Caregivers

Give Yourself Grace

When you’ve made a mistake, instead of being critical of yourself, give yourself grace. Just as you would encourage and offer assistance to someone else if they made an error, be sure to do the same for yourself. Rather than being critical, remind yourself that you are only human and you may not always do things right the first time. Do your best to not let guilt or disappointment take over. Focus on coming up with a solution that works for your family member or client and yourself.

Make Time for Fun

Whether you are caring full-time for a family member with a developmental disability or working 40-plus hours a week as a professional caregiver, it’s imperative that you find time for fun. This will look different for everyone. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, plan an afternoon or evening of hiking or walking through a local park. If you enjoy peace and solitude, visit your local library or spend an hour or two at your favorite coffee shop. Whatever fun looks like for you, be sure to make time for it.

Take a Break

Life can quickly become overwhelming when expending time and energy caring for others. It’s during times like these you will need to take a break. If you are in the middle of a shift, consider stepping away for five minutes to regain your composure or calm your mind and body. If your schedule allows, hire some help or ask someone you know and trust to be responsible for your loved one for a few hours a week so you can step away, be refreshed, and be ready to care for your family member once more.

Helping Health Care Agencies Provide High-Quality Care

At Direct Care Innovations, our priority is to provide efficient and streamlined solutions so your organization or healthcare agency can serve its clients and direct support professionals. With our all-inclusive business management software, 24/7 customer support, and capabilities like electronic visit verification, you’ll be glad you chose us. Contact our team at (480) 295-3307 or request a sales demo today.

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