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Post-Pandemic Stumbling Blocks for Medicaid Recipients

If you have clients with Medicaid healthcare coverage, then you have probably heard that the renewal and eligibility efforts taking place across the country have been more than frustrating. For many insurance recipients, including children and adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD), it has been a most frustrating process. At Direct Care Innovations, we are aware of the current situation and are doing our best to support our clients during this time of upheaval. 

Post-COVID Stumbling Blocks for Medicaid Recipients

Medicaid Eligibility During COVID

As part of the COVID Public Health Emergency in 2020, Medicaid recipients were given protections to maintain their health coverage until the emergency ended. Some individuals and families were also newly eligible for Medicaid due to lay-offs, quarantines, or job losses. With the end of the emergency earlier this year, millions of Americans are now required to renew their Medicaid benefits. State agencies notified aging adults, families, and individuals living with disabilities of the renewal via several forms of communication — mail, email, text, and phone.

Massive Reductions in Medicaid Coverage

After more than 28 million people have had their Medicaid eligibility reviewed, approximately 10 million individuals have lost their coverage. Renewals are still being conducted, which means more individuals, families, and children will most likely have their health care canceled. In addition to these massive reductions, many individuals have reported several problems with the renewal process, such as:

  • Renewal forms sent to outdated addresses
  • Long waiting lines at county offices
  • Difficulty accessing renewal forms online
  • Income miscalculations

Current Status of Former Medicaid Recipients

While this has been daunting for millions of Americans, some Medicaid recipients have found healthcare insurance elsewhere. Those who lost or changed jobs now receive healthcare coverage through their new employers. Also, many are finding reasonable health insurance through the Affordable Care Act marketplace. For many families with children, any new healthcare insurance, even at a low rate, is simply one more financial burden to add to their already tight budgets.

The effects of this massive Medicaid renewal have been far-reaching, and include:

  • Significant gaps in healthcare coverage 
  • Inability to pay for much-needed medical services
  • Canceled or postponed appointments for children
  • Aging adults, individuals living with disabilities, and children no longer receiving the physical or mental care they need

Helping You Provide Compassionate Care

With our integrated business management platform, DCI offers valuable solutions for efficiently operating your healthcare business or agency. Our modules, such as employee time and attendance, electronic visit verification, and billing/claims management, make it simple, easy, and effective for your staff to care for their clients. Request a sales demo by contacting us at (480) 295-3307.

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