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Quality of Care Meets Analytics

Automation suggests a corporate identity that will scare away cautious clients. Yet automation doesn’t have to, and in fact shouldn’t, eliminate the human factor. When implemented correctly, automation results in orderliness that attracts clients and guardians who may have had unpleasant experiences with disorganized agencies. Caregiving agencies should strive to automate their businesses so employees can focus on care.


A scheduling software can ensure your agency never schedules a caregiver when they aren’t available, work them overtime, or even miss their shift. There are schedule modules that alert staff members and caregivers of missed shifts and facilitate shift-switching.

Time Entry

Manually recording when a caregiver clocks in and out leads to errors, creating a frustrating situation for both the client and caregiver. Instead, incorporate a timeclock software for your caregivers to electronically punch in and verify they are with their clients. Now that EVV is mandated, our software is more timely than ever.


If your caregiver isn’t worried about whether their paycheck is coming out on time, they’re able to direct all their attention to the client. An effective payroll system makes caregivers feel fulfilled and motivated to serve their clients. It also frees your administrative staff to focus on less tedious tasks.


We’ve often written about how our billing automation software keeps you within authorization limits and increases accounts receivable turnover. Handle billing with fewer disputes from funding agencies and clients alike.


Incorporate a review module that allows clients to rate their caregivers. A review system can help your agency detect recurring issues and create an open dialogue between staff members and caregivers.

User Portals

Allow your agency to operate with glass doors by integrating user-portals accessible to staff, caregivers, clients, and clients’ guardians. Guardians will feel secure knowing they can be a part of their loved one’s lives, and clients will feel they have control over it. In our industry, HIPAA compliance is non-negotiable, and our secure portals ensure patient privacy. Help your staff and caregivers focus on care rather than tasks. Direct Care Innovations can become your trusted technological partner by providing software made specifically for caregiving agencies. Contact us today for a free demo.

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