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Reduce Your Paperwork, Time, and Cost with Our Payroll Time and Attendance Module

Focusing on paperwork can take away time that could otherwise be well spent with those you serve and their families. At Direct Care Innovations, also known as DCI, we are always looking for ways to improve healthcare businesses when it comes to efficiency. One of the ways is through our payroll time and attendance module. Here is more information about how our program can improve the management system of your healthcare business.

Payroll Time and Attendance

Our programs are all mobile, which makes it easy to track employee time in various settings. Time entries are used to allow for payroll data. Our payroll time and attendance module can be used for scheduling, compliance, reporting, billing, authorization management, and other business management purposes. 

We have time entry options for a variety of functions, such as:

  • Hourly services
  • Residential settings
  • Parenting programs
  • Group services
  • Day treatment programs and many more

How We Improve Time Management

Our payroll time and attendance module can greatly cut down on the amount of time you need for paperwork and other business functions to smoothly run your healthcare business. We can improve your time management in several ways. These include:

  • Tools for managing overtime for managers to utilize
  • Configuring cost centers, staff ratios, and service types
  • Dashboards that can be configured for managers and employees
  • Managing multiple pay rates for clients, employees, and services
  • Managing Affordable Care Act reporting
  • Client portal so that those being served can view staff activities and other information
  • Auditor portal for internal and external auditors to access quality assurance and audits
  • Employee portal to manage miles and transportation, time entries, and the ability to create employee availability templates
  • Supervisor portal to approve and reject time entries and requests for employees

How We Create Efficiencies

Having the above systems set up for clients, employees, and supervisors makes it easy to access a variety of information and add information to make a company run smoothly. This module greatly reduces paperwork needed that can slow down a company. Less paperwork can also greatly reduce the cost it takes to run a health-based company. Lack of paperwork also means more time can be spent running a company smoothly and attending to the needs of employees and serving individuals with care. 

Case Study

We did a case study with a large company we work with that greatly benefited from our module. With our technology, this home and community based services agency was able to save in many ways. The company saved 67% in overtime per payroll cycle, was able to increase caregiver salaries by 12%, and made over $1 million on its annual return on investment. 

Direct Care Innovations

Direct Care Innovations is a healthcare-based technology company that provides business management platforms for businesses in Medicare, Managed Care markets, Medicaid, and private insurance. Please contact us to get more information on how to make your company more mobile and successful for you and those you serve. 

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