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Shared Support – Customer Spotlight

This month, we’d like to highlight one of our customers, Shared Support.

Shared Support provides many services in Sunbury, PA, including Lifesharing, Residential Habilitation, In Home & Community Support, Community Participation Support, Employment Services, and Child Residential.

Shared Support goes above and beyond to prioritize the person being supported, as well as the person’s Support Circle. The Support Circle is the people who care about and support the individual and are responsible for listening, planning and accepting duties/responsibilities in order to participate in the life of the focus person. A healthy Support Circle is key to physical and emotional wellbeing, as well as to the overall continued success of the person being supported. Shared Support’s knowledge, service, and values are just a few reasons DCI is committed to partnering with them.


The best kind of companionship happens at home. That’s why Shared Support offers a service called Lifesharing. Essentially, this means that they will provide a safe, home-like environment for an individual with I/DD (intellectual/ developmental disabilities) to live with a support person or family  and build a community while still receiving services. In many cases, the person receiving Lifesharing services lives with people they would consider family, whether they are related by blood or not. The goal of this program is to naturally integrate the person into their home community so it is the most inclusive and least restrictive form of residential support.

  • Natural home environment
  • 24/7 caring support
  • Transportation

Residential Habilitation

Some people would prefer to live alone. Because of this, Shared Support also offers the opportunity for individuals with I/DD to live in a community living arrangement that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of one person at a time. Typically this is a one-person home. This is  a good option for someone who does best when they have their own space and can be the sole focus and driver of their services while still being part of a greater community.

  • One person home
  • 24/7 compassionate support
  • Behavioral health support

In Home & Community Support

Shared Support has a dedicated team of direct care professionals that assist individuals in learning and developing new skills that will enhance opportunities for independence and inclusion. Support may include the use of community resources and recreational facilities, volunteer opportunities, and assistance with daily living needs, medical appointments and specialized therapies.

  • Skills development
  • Community activities
  • Health/hygiene maintenance

Community Participation Support

This service is a flexible service designed to wrap around an individual’s community life interests and needs while promoting increased independence, the individual’s potential for employment, and overall inclusion into the community.

  • Adult learning
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Leisure interests

Employment Services

Specializes in matching the unique passions, strengths and skill sets of those we support with the needs of local businesses or in the development of self-employment ventures. The Employment Specialists at Shared Support provide career assessment, job finding/ development services, job coaching and the ongoing support needed to effectively maintain competitive employment.

  • Career assessment
  • Job coaching
  • Job finding & development

Child Residential

Residential therapeutic support is provided to children and adolescents living with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Understanding that future independence will differ among children, Shared Support assists with the development of goals and strategies to support each child in reaching their full potential.

  • One person home
  • 24/7 skilled support
  • Behavioral health support

Shared Support + DCI Software

Shared Support signed with DCI in May 2018 and went live with the software in July 2018. Since then, DCI has not only enabled Shared Support to be EVV compliant in terms of the 20th Century Cures Act, but has also allowed them to transition to being a paperless agency. Utilizing the mobile app to track their time and mileage has brought their workforce an immense amount of flexibility and efficiency.

This not only allows the direct care staff more time in their day to do what matters most but also makes it easier for them to track missing time and ensure their paycheck is accurate. In turn, Shared Support has been able to complete their back office operational tasks more efficiently, specifically billing and payroll, and have more insight into their employee and member needs.

The beauty of DCI is that all of the modules are integrated which allows organizations like Shared Support to save an incredible amount of time and streamline their processes.

  • The billing and payroll modules allow for easy authorization management. Once time punches are approved in DCI, billing and payroll are batched with the click of a button and turned into an Excel file. DCI assists our customers in creating both a billing and payroll macro which makes it very simple to transform the DCI billing and payroll files into a format that is accepted by their state system.
  • Geo-location services allow them to see where employees were when they clocked in/out and where they traveled during mileage or client transportation services.
  • High and low tech EVV options allow Shared Support to be EVV compliant even in the most remote areas of rural Pennsylvania. Most of the users at Shared Support live in areas where cell connectivity is available which allows them to receive EVV via the DCI mobile app. These options include: Picture/Facial Recognition, Pin/Password, and Signature. For those users in rural areas with little or no access to internet or phone reception DCI offers Secure Fob and Phone technology.

A Final Note

Here is a quick blurb from their CEO, Elizabeth DeVett.

I believe the support that DCI provides is the secret to the success of the implementation. Training and access to support is critical. DCI exceeded our expectations and continues to immediately respond to all questions or issues. Their team is small which lends itself to consistency in implementation and support. Commitment to their customers is evidenced by the many hours of support they continue to provide us via telephone, web meetings and onsite visits.

Thank you for reading this month’s Client Spotlight! If you would like to learn more about Shared Support, feel free to browse their website. If would like to hear more about how they feel about us at DCI, let us know so we can connect you.

DCI loves helping wonderful organizations like Shared Support further their great work supporting people – our customers’ success is our success! To learn more about how DCI can help you, set up a demo of our software.

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