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Streamline Direct Care Administration to Increase Revenue

Menial tasks may be consuming your administrative staff and keeping your agency from providing the best care possible. Many caregiving agencies are streamlining their operations with software to help their staff members focus on caregivers and clients. Software is offered for virtually every administrative task you can think of. 


An authorization module can complete tasks such as enforcing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly authorization limits, managing start dates, end dates, and expiration dates, and reporting real time authorization balances. Authorization management software can also create, edit, and deactivate authorizations, not to mention increase or decrease service units.


Make scheduling easier for your administrative staff with a scheduling software. Help staff members avoid scheduling a caregiver who isn’t available, or working overtime. With software, staff can see a missed shift or assist in shift-switching. Scheduling modules can also be used to manage on-call staff and appropriately scale staff to the number of clients.  

Time Attendance  

How is your administrative staff recording caregivers’ time attendance? Is it accurate and compliant? Your agency can invest in a software that enables caregivers to electronically clock in and out and verify their client visits. If your agency provides caregiving in remote locations, consider a module that tracks travel time. 

Payroll and Billing  

Consider software that integrates time attendance and processes payroll and billing for you. DCI offers payroll and billing software for your agency staff to use, or payroll and billing as a complete service.   

Custom Integration

Software should simplify things, not complicate them. DCI’s software solutions cover all aspects of your business. However, if you prefer using different software for different parts of your business, our modules can easily integrate with your existing systems. Direct Care Innovations wants to be your friend in the software world. If you’re interested in any of the software described above, contact us for a free sales demo.  

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